What would the modern world be like without the CIA?

This is a very broad question. If we're speaking about CIA are we assuming there would be no replacement organization performing the CIA's functions? Before CIA, there was OSS...If CIA had not been established, perhaps another US government agency or the military would have performed the mission outlined in CIA's charter. Without intelligence, the US would not be the world power it is today, so clearly the world would be very different. It is a difficult question to answer...you need to ask something more specific if you want a concert answer.

What are the biggest mistakes when using a bench press, weightlifting, deadlifting, and using a dumbbell press?

For the bench press :Not retracting the scapulaFlared elbows - this kills your shoulders over timeNot using safetiesFor the deadlift :Rounding the backUsing straps or mixed grips as an amateur - easy to overreachDropping the weight - if you don't do the eccentric movement, you're wasting

What are some of the best and quickest ways to cut credit card debt?

Always pay more then the minimum, as much more as possible, paying more on your high interest ones 1st. If possible transfer high interest balances to low interest cards and if your credit is good and your disciplined enough then open a new card such as Discover It which offers 18 months at 0% and transfer your highest interest

How to counter the religious (Biblical) arguments against same-sex marriage using the Bible

The same people that use the bible to persecute same-sex couples probably can't even tell you what the bible uses as a metric for marriage.Here is the first and most direct instruction for getting married:Genesis 2:22-24Then the