What would the world do if aliens tried to contact humans?

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Read this article: 1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident.

This is not conspiracy nutter material. It is a matter of public record, and can only be erased historically by the Ministry of Truth. While there is anyone alive who remembers the event and the number of people who have collected and archived the information, the evidence that it really occurred remains.

I've picked this incident because it was high-profile, and seen by masses of people, and it caused similar panic to that which would grip the US population during the later Cuban Missile Crisis-there are still houses with backyard bunkers. Some have been left to decay, others are maintained as curiosities, and the remainder have been converted into actual useful space.

I would argue that attempts to argue away these sorts of mass sightings as atmospheric disturbance are utter bunk.

They are evidence of attempted contact. If they were successful remains carefully "classified", and I shan't get into Area 51 conspiracies. Anything developed at Area 51 would not be used to put on such a crass display just so that the government had to try and cover it up again.

Therefore, logic dictates that a significant percentage of the millions of reported sightings are genuinely craft being operated by aliens.

Don't worry, I'm not about to claim that I'm an abductee. Do you honestly think that, having access to all that technology, I would actually allow them to send me back?

From a source that I can't reference, an estimated 600 million suicides across the planet would occur as a result of 100% confirmation of non-terrestrial (let alone sentient) life. Whether or not there has been contact between aliens and certain governments, I am unwilling to speculate.

Anyone observing the Earth will have reason to be cautious. Not only have we unleashed atomics in an uncontrolled manner all over the planet, our Annual ritual re-enactment of the Krikkit Wars is very disturbing to other members of the Galaxy-they're really offended by us throwing that little grenade to see it batted off into the distance.

While Altruism or Ideological Dominance are the only real reasons to make contact with a populated planet, my personal reaction would be a sense of relief that everything's finally out in the open, and also concern that we should "beware Greeks bearing gifts*". Further we have to make sure that some idiot doesn't sign away half the planet for the proverbial string of beads.
* Which really should be, "Beware Trojans. They're complete smegheads."

Ultimately, we are left with the intent of such visitors, benevolent or malevolent? If they have the ability to travel the necessary distances in space, they have they ability to render Earth weapons ineffective. If they are completely benign I believe they're more likely to avoid us. I know that any that did make direct contact with us would attract my caution. Based on our own history, I would be looking for the steel fist inside the velvet glove.

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