What would the world look like now if the Soviet Union had never fallen?

There are several conspiracy theories that state the Soviet Union never collapsed, but these rely on a 60+ year plan that had to be executed down to the month correctly without anyone ever getting wise to it or leaking. While anything is possible, these theories are constantly revised over the years to fit any current state of affairs, and predictions in general are vague enough to be mailable down the road.

For example, when I was in 5th grade (1988–1989) I wrote a picture book about airplanes for my elementary school (I was very into airplanes, still am). In this book I drew all the major military and civilian aircraft and made some predictions about future planes. My future jet fighter was called the F-35 and the caption on the picture was (2010)... does that mean I'm part of a conspiracy and have inside knowledge just now to be released on Quora in 2017 to the answer of this question? No, It means I can read naming conventions, understand history, and guessed correctly.

Most people who make accurate predictions about the future are historians who can see parallels from one time to another, and are good at combining that knowledge with modern examples to come up with a plausible prediction. Sometimes people guess right, sometimes they're wrong. But you'll notice that conspiracy theorists can't ever call anything as it happens, it's only after the fact that the theory changes, the villain changes, and the explanation changes.

All that said, Russia currently resembles the Tsarist model more than the Soviet model and if the Soviets were still around, the world would be slightly more stable oddly, as the west wouldn't quarrel with each other over silly things. But there would be the constant threat of nuclear annialahtion and that would scare people. If you remember the 1980's, that's essentially what it would be like with more modern technology.

Have you ever been cheated on or cheated anyone? What did you learn?

I've been cheated on twice. It hurt like hell. Felt having my heart ripped out.Lesson learned: you can't trust people. It's that simple.I knew the first guy for five years before we even got involved. Thought I knew him. Didn't think he was the type who would cheat. Yeah, rightSecond guy,

Have anyone ever back-stabbed you?

Oh yes! Like a million times. When I look back at those memories, am thankful that I got to experience all those bitter moments in life as without them I would still be naive and immature :)

What country has the friendliest people?

SwazilandThis will always be a matter of personal experiences. There was a South African-Malawian pastor who told me once