What would you do if a ghost haunted your bedroom at night?

I actually tried to record it using a VHS camera. As I fast forwarded through the tape I was amused at how me and my dog flipped and turned all night. I then got to a part that sounded eerie and listened with horror as if the gates of hell were opening up and as I sat there holding my breath I realized for the first time that I'm a heavy snorer!! I never caught anything on camera but I had so many other things going on in my life that a ghost was the least of my problems. To this day though I often reflect on the experience. One thing I will say that I'm glad I did was not go back to sleep after one incident because as time goes by I could have easily written it off as a dream had I gone back to bed afterwards.

Dude. Has this ghost tried to kill you? Has it done anything to majorly inconvenience you? Does it add to your gas and electricity bills? Yes? Well, it's being a bad room-mate, so kindly tell it to piss off. If not, then please remember that this ghost used to be a living, breathing human. And I think that despite it being dead, it still knows basic courtesy. It can stay, as long as it does try to pull any freaky shit. Remember, ghosts are, (basically,) people too. Don't be ghostist.

Kick them out. It's my wife and mine damn bedroom! When I lock the door it means something, right? Even the dead people should understand that. And I don't care if this is some native tribe chef who died 500 years ago and now was woke up when the house was built on their cemetery: they had centuries to catch up with modern culture, so no excuses, hush hush. If you are gone, be gone.

Privacy, please!

Go away and get back in the morning, then we talk!

How did the British colonize India?

The term is used for Britishers   is master mind , when was most of the countries limits to their own country land , they came across and expend their land globally , after conquering small , small nations and lands all over the

What's the craziest thing your kids have ever done?

One day I told my 4 year old to run his tricycle outside, and he literally rode it down the steps, giving himself a concussion and some bruises. At the hospital, they took care of him, and when we returned home, he sat in

How long would it take 160 humans to repopulate Earth?

In the absence of food-supply constraints (abundant land, etc.) and child mortality, it comes down to how many children each woman can have in her lifetime. 7 is a typical third-world figure. Humans can manage up to 10 with relative ease. Going beyond 10 is