What would you do if you were abducted by aliens?

I wouldn't do anything.. but be amazed by the experience and take in the moment as much as I can. I would definitely ask aliens some important questions that about our past history, the design of their technology, the validity of certain conspiracy theories, about God, about the fabric of the universe, etc..

Most people who have been abducted or invited on board the space-craft have reported telepathic communication from the ET beings.

ET beings have reportedly been able to read thoughts of their abductees very easily, what can you do when every thought you think the alien can hear?

To cut it short... you can't really do much at such a moment... It is such a brainbash that goes beyond destabilising your beliefs or your current notion of reality... Your existence comes to a hault, your life problems and adventures become insignificant. You know that if these beings wanted to hurt you they wouldn't done so already... their probably used a telepathic Jedi mind trick to relax you a bit as well, as is commonly reported during contact.

If the alien is inviting you into his spaceship, you don't say no... So as you put on your explorer shoes ready to follow the alien aboard the craft, ready to embark on a journey.

If abducted, I would hope for a way to be able to communicate with the aliens in the first place. Of course, my anxiety would be quite high since I suffer from it. Nevertheless, I would focus on keeping myself calm and try to understand why they would abduct me not assuming that it is for selfish purposes.

I might be hopeful here, but despite not being an engineer or scientist by any means, only an enthusiast, I would certainly ask how they achieved either FTL or how they found a way to "cheat it" because it would mean they grasp an understanding of physics we lack.

I would sincerely try to communicate with them and try to establish a friendship hoping they would give me a chance and a little freedom. An abduction, after all, is a little like a kidnapping if you ask me. So, my primary question might be to know why they abducted me and what they intend to do with me.

Try to bargain.

"Look guys, I know you have enough anal-probe samples by now... Mine won't tell you anything different. So here's the deal... I'm a virtual font of information about human history, culture, origins, evolution, biology... Whatever you want. More than willing to share... So, what have you got to trade? What's that, you can synthesize gold? Cool.... Let's see.... About 12 hours of my time, one pound of 24 karat per hour.

Whadda ya say? Oh, and I have my cell phone; mind if I take a few pics and selfies?"

Give a presentation on Zionism.

It's basically my answer to everything.

Hungry? Eat some Israeli food

Sick? Seek out Israeli medical innovations.

Home alone and scared? Krav Maga.

Bored? Watch Fauda.

Kidnapped by aliens? Convince them to become active supporters of Israel, sharing technology and making us Jewkanda.

I obviously could do nothing to avoid it. According to my philosophy I would try to make the best out of the situation.
But if they are like many or most humans without respect for lower life forms, I just would sit in my cage.
If there would be a chance I would communicate with them and ‘sell' my service, as freelancers do.

Question answered: "What would you do if you were abducted by aliens?"

My answer: I'd probably thank them for my imminent anal probe, and politely decline it in advance but ask if maybe I could anally probe them so they could enjoy the experience themselves.

What's the most humbling photo you have ever taken?

I was 17 years old and had just set up my first home darkroom in the storage closet of my parents' garage when a couple - friends of a friend - called me and asked if I would be interested in shooting their wedding. Before I accepted I made clear that

What are some most popular Hindi dubbed South Indian movies? Why?

Aparichit (Anniyan) - Watch Vikram at his best!Indian - Kamala Hassan and Shankar's best combination.Bahubali - To find out - Kattappa ne Bahubali ko Kyun Maara!I usually don't watch South Indian movies dubbed into Hindi as I can watch them in original language they are made. But, above listed ones are exceptional.

Why are all UFO images blurry, and the ones that are not seem fabricated?

I have a theory; real UFO's are blurred. Yes, they are. As you noticed on genuine images and videos of these. They are definitely blurred. Maybe it has to do with the technology used, or the material they are made