What would you rank as the ,'Best Back Exercise', ahead of the ,'Pull up'?

Best for what purpose?

Best for static strength of the upper back and spinal muscles? Probably the deadlift.

Best mass builder for the upper back? Probably the chest supported row (aka "bench row") - though any full range of motion row that readily lends itself to the full complement of bodybuilding training strategies (heavy, light, drop sets, pyramids, etc.) can be just as good.

Best for vertical pulling strength? Weighted pull-ups or pulldowns - pick your poison.

Best for athletic power? Power cleans, since they improve your ability to transfer hip and leg power through your back and arms.

Its all about the best tool for the specific goal.

What are your daily productive habits that have changed your life?

The main productivity habit that changed my life was my morning workout. Every morning, for years, I have done a consecutive series of pushups to failure.How it relates to my productivity? First of all, practically every productivity expert recommends taking care of your body before you even think about productivity. I never met with advice: "Sleep

My wife has filed for divorce? My monthly salary is 1.5lacs and my wife's monthly salary is 1lac. She has her own house but is demanding for 50lacs in alimony and an interim monthly maintainence of 1lac. What will court say?

And this ladies and gentlemen, is why every couple should have a marriage contract. A contract that lays out the terms and conditions of your entire arrangement including penalties for breaking the contract.Then, you don't have to worry about what the court will say or who they will award judgement to because the court can't go against a lawful