What would you say to your new husband or wife if you found out they were still married to the person they said they had divorced and had three young children you did not know about?

"Excuse me a moment, I have to make a phone call."

Then I call my lawyer and ask if he advises that I call the police for bigamy charges. I would also ask for some help from people collecting my things and getting out.

I'd have nothing more to say to someone who pretended to go through a legal marriage with me if he was still legally married to someone else.

What IS there to say?

Why do people call Trump a liar when he says more true things than false?

You are mistaken. Tr*mp says many more things which are false than true. Research his past to see what kind of man he is. You are either uninformed or you have no research under your belt. Watching YouTube videos or FB &

Why does my nine year old son sleep so much?

Well, kids definitely need a lot of rest so it's not unusual to feel like your child sleeps a lot. However, if you feel this is out of the norm for him/her, it definitely doesn't hurt to check with your pediatrician and make sure there isn't a medical issue.But, in general, I've

How to study with focus and concentration and avoid distractions and procrastination

##We have highest level of Concentration in the morning and after 2-3 hours we connect with our daily routine, real world and our job/business/ school and we start taking pressure then slowly slowly we start to lose our concentration level.Now we have two options:[A] Avoid taking pressure: Manage your work and daily routine in such