What would you show of humanity to aliens if you could only show one thing?

We're talking the fact that our entire race's survival rests on this show and tell, right?

First, and most important, I'd learn a bit about the alien society: what do they value, what do the aliens hold up as an ideal?

Then whatever that ideal is, I'd show them a human baby and it's ability to become any ideal over time. We're super malleable. That's a huge value. No matter how difficult we humans might be at the moment, just wait around for a few decades visibly watching us but not interacting or saying anything beyond "hmmmmm..", and we'll become super obedient.

My cell phone battery is discharging even if cell phone is switched off. What could be the problem?

If you use memory card then remove your memory card from your mobile then see what happen some time memory card short (fuse) then this kind of problem comes so first you remove memory card from your mobile. and notice any change if no change then your mobile's power ic is damage.

How is math used in computer science?

From whatever you will study in Mathematics in the first three semesters, nothing is as such particularly important with respect to algorithmic programming. As per my knowledge, the Discrete Mathematics subject in fifth semester is more important and relates to algorithms more than