What would you suggest me as a fitness routine?

Thanx for the A2A.
The answer given by Kush is pretty apt. It might sound alot you got to do,but trust me all of the above just point towards a lifestyle change i.e living healthy.
Eventually, things would be easy as hell.

Firstly, weightloss is not a concern for you but fatloss might be. We call such people skinny-fat. The people falling into this category lack muscle in body,high in body fat%,thus lower metabolic rate,lack of strength, and unfit but still look thin.
-You could either try and determine your body fat by online calculators(just to get an estimate) or by going to a clinic(accurate value)

Once you know the above additional info, you can start on with your fitness journey with a particular goal in mind.
I shall tell you what I did and it has helped most of my girlfriends.

I downloaded dvds via torrents FREE of cost(thanx to internet) which otherwise would have costed me thousands of dollars.
These dvds fall under the USA company "BEACHBODY".(there are many other dvds too apart from this company, but let's stick to BEACHBODY for now). Why these dvds you ask? Because these trainers are your personal trainers! They take care of your body the way any trainer might have if you paid hundreds of rupees at any Indian Gym.
Secondly, these dvds are methodological. You don't need to know whole of exercise science to be fit! All you can do is trust these world class trainers BLINDLY! In that process you will learn alot too,thanx to their booklets.

Invest in a mini home gym. Buy 2.5kg, 5kg dumbells for starters, a medium level resistance band,yoga mat and a skipping rope. Ya, that's all you need.
Follow the beachbody programs, these are planned workout,diet charts, videos and everything one needs and you will see your body chance literally.
I felt it. I am 20years old, 5 feet 3.5inches, I weigh 50kgs(even as a kid I never weighed so less) and I have lost 22kgs working out at home and kept it off for years now. Weightloss is no longer my concern. My new goal is to be able to do 100pushups and pullups :-P
I help people transform because the journey becomes fun and easy when you have a partner with you and because being fit doesn't have to come after investing thousands of bucks.
There are many things, I want to tell you but as I use Quora app, it's difficult for me to type it all.
Feel free to email me- akankshatiwary1@gmail.com for further assistance.
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