What year do you think that Apple will stop making iPhones?

I don't think they ever will. Think about it - every year, Apple comes out with an iPhone just a little bit thinner (centimeters), with a better camera, and a higher resolution (think retina display). So, as long as they can improve the thickness, camera, resolution, etc. of the iPhone, they'll keep churning them out. If you have the iPhone 7S (or whatever they'll call that generation), and Apple tells you, "Customer, our iPhone 8T647H9, is 2 cm thinner AND operates 0.0002 seconds faster," you'll buy a new iPhone. This is a trend called planned obsolescence, where a product is planned to go obsolete or become "unfashionable," so instead of buying one iPhone and keeping it for years, like you would a microwave, dishwasher, etc., you buy a new one EVERY YEAR. Think about the iPad Pro. It's a bigger version of the iPad, which is a bigger version of the iPad Mini. Change the size, slap a new name on the product, and you've got yourself a mint. Very smart, Apple. 

How to avoid falling asleep watching a movie

Bane of my life!I fall asleep during movies all the time. I have to keep the lights up high as half light or movie light/TV puts me to sleep.Try having all the lights on and sitting up straight when you watch a movie. Have breaks and make cups of

Will I grow bigger muscles if I eat a lot of protein without working out?

Hi,Not at all.Human bodies have a set point weight. Which means..Time for Education.Set Point: Every body has a set point, which enables it to store a certain level of body fat inside irrespective of calories in, calories out (quantity doesn't matter, quality matters).Fast Metabolism = Low

What are some good ab exercises if you're already naturally skinny?

You definitely have stomach fat, you just can't see it. If your diet was regular, the body fat is stored in your body for sure.However, you will need less work to show you abs. You can try with classic ab exercises for some time and you'll definitely