What's a good app for making records of strength training?

A few options I can think of:

1. Download two separate apps. Use one for your own data and the other for your friend's. I don't have any experience with Android apps but these are some that seem to be rated relatively high:

Liftbook for Android
StrengthCalc for Android
Strong Log for Android

2. Use Fitocracy for Android. It's not as straightforward and neat as the others I've mentioned above - it's more of a fitness social network. For your purposes you'd have to register two accounts, then log in and out as you require (which would be a real pain, but the data/graphs are pretty).

Fitocracy for Android

3. Create two spreadsheets and upload them onto Google Docs, then edit them with your phone.

Sorry, none of these are very elegant solutions. I can't find an app that allows you to key in two separate sets of data.
What's the least effective way to get into shape and get fit but still works?

I really don't know why are you even asking this... is it just for knowledge or is it you don't like working out and still want to be fit.tell me why you want to see results in next 10 years which you can see in next 2. The fact is if you don't like what you do, you will

My husband always start shouting whenever I order sweets. I love eating sweets and he don't want me to eat sweets. What should I do?

Why doesn't your husband want you to eat sweets? Is it because of his concern for your health? Is it to control spending unnecessarily? Or is it a control issue where he wants to control you and limit your freedoms?You should discuss with your husband

Are there any free courses online?

Of course! Realizing the increasing need of professionals to upskill for career advancement, more and more learning providers have started to develop professional courses that will benefit these professionals. And some have even made these courses available for free.  However, I'd like to point out that most of