What's an interesting cultural taboo in your country/state?

I'm not too aware of hot topics and narratives in my country because I tend to stay away from politics and news; however, to my knowledge, some of the "things that decent people in Estonia don't come near if they can help it" are the following:

  • occupation denial. Over the past decades, the notion that the occupation of Estonia was a criminal act by Soviet Union has replaced the idea that Estonia asked the big powerful neighbor for help during WWII and was annexed as a part of that help. There used to be outcries that there is no reason to name this event "occupation" and that it wasn't so bad as it sounds; there are no such claims anymore and the term "occupation" rules loud and proud now.
  • collaboration of Estonians with the Nazi regime and patriotic locals joining SS divisions to help "friendly Germans". They do have their veterans and remembrance dates, but those are generally quiet and hush-hush.
  • concentration camps. These are commemorated and the President has participated in the ceremony of memorial opening at one of them, but this seems more like the official duty "because that's what they do in Europe"; in day-to-day discussions, the subject tends to be glossed over.

Well, these are not really taboos, but very, very touchy subjects, and best be left alone unless the speakers is either extremely well-informed to be able to discuss them - or too clueless to care about coming off as clueless.

Again, I may have a warped perception of these subjects simply because I don't follow media sources much. It is even likely that the real taboos are unknown to me because they are, in fact, taboos and don't get thrown around so much that I would notice.

Not too many people feel totally free to speak about last's century Civil War (I'm spanish). That's one of the reasons why certain aspects of it haven't yet been fully investigated. For instance, lots of bodies were buried in road gutters, without any kind of identification. Lots of families have been asking for them to be unburied, just to properly bury them together with their families.

It's not only that the government does nothing to help this (some families even need to pay every single expense this process causes, which is impossible for most of them, as those expenses are usually too high), but some of the non-affected families (most of them of the "winning" side, if there can be a winner in a battle between brothers, like our Civil War) also claim that no further investigation should be promoted, because they fear this could cause a great pain. The thing is, how could this suffering they foresee be worse than the suffering families are already passing through?


-Atheism (how can someone have any morals if he/she doesn't believe that there's a man in the sky to punish him/her?)

-Transgenderism (a mental illness and an aberration)

-Euthanasia, suicide and assisted suicide (playing God)

-Agrarian reform (stealing, even when most land is improductive and we can't feed everyone)

-A social safety net (that makes the poor breed more and fosters laziness, mediocrity and failure). Any government program aimed at the poor (because they deserve to be poor).

-Disability (total incapacity, a liability, and a destiny worse than death. A punishment from God)

-Not loving your parents, even if they were monsters. Not forgiving their abuse.

-Protesting or striking (it's only for whiny people who can't conquer respect by hard work).

It's interesting to note how today's taboos have not always been so grave. Nearly all today's taboos are also arrest-able offences constituting breaches of public; decency, health and disorder: Striking and or verbally abusing a child or pet, spiting, defecating, urinating, fighting, intoxication, drink driving, locking children and pets in the car on a hot day, masturbation and fornication in public places. All these are cultural taboos in UK regions and counties.

Looks like the neighbors feel the same way.

Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex.

Why does negative mass create a wormhole?

Negative mass is either hypothetical or a fantasy, depending upon whom you ask. Wormholes likewise. I don't think negative mass is imagined to create a wormhole, just to keep it open long enough for something to get through it before it pinches off.

What is the thing that most amazed you when visiting another country?

In Myanmar, the people are poor, really poor.  But they save up their money, make pilgramages to sacred sites and spend that money on gold leaf to put on sacred statues and relics.  Until said relics are unidentfiable under their coverings of gold.