What's holding you back from getting the divorce you want?

I held back from getting a divorce for 20+years.

I held back because of a promise I made to my former wife's mother while she was on her deathbed

I promised to always take care of her daughter no matter what.

My wife and I were married 47 years until a few months ago.

My ex continues to use my last name because she hated her father more than she hates me.

I never physically or verbally abused her.

My crime to her is that I never loved her.

I was also a lousy father when our two sons were young. I was too nice to be a father.

I really pissed her off when I said I must have been a monster.

In her mind, I'm gay and refuse to admit it.

Her words washed off me like the water off a ducks' back.

I share my story with the hope you will never stay in a marriage or relationship when love has vanished.

If your husband or wife seems numb, it might mean he or she is suffering from PTSD.PTSD can strike anyone, regardless if he or she was ever in the military.

Listen to your heart and inner voice

You deserve to be happy.

"It is not lies or a lack of loyalty that ends a relationship. It is the agonizing truth that one person feels in their heart on a daily basis. It is realizing that you are coping and not living. It is the false belief that there is a verse, quote, phrase or talk that will magically make you feel content, complete or not care. However, it doesn't last longer than a few days, before your mind and heart goes back to what it wants. It is the moment you realize that you left without ever leaving. It is the moment you realize that fear, shame or guilt is the only thing standing in the way of the life God meant for you to live."
― Shannon L. Alder(Goodreads.com/show/author)

Are pushups a total body workout?

In pushups, primary work is to develop pectoral muscles and secondary it develops the strength of shoulders. In calisthenics their are many types of pushups like azetec,back clap and three clap etc they all need body coordination and explosive power to function . It vary from pushup to pushup that which movement are

What is the best way to stop night leg cramps?

Night leg cramps basically involve your calf muscles, although muscles in your feet or thighs might cramp as well. Many things can trigger leg cramps. Such asPoor blood circulation in your legsNot stretching enoughMuscle fatigueDehydrationMagnesium and/or potassium deficiencyspinal cord injury or pinched nerve in your neck or backIt can also occur as a side effect of some drugs.

If Earth had 1 Googol moons, what would happen?

This is going to end really badly. Really, really badly.The first thing you should know is that Earth, in fact, becomes completely irrelevant, because the number and mass of the moons is nearly 100 orders of magnitude larger than the mass of the Earth.We