What's it like for an American expat to live in Glasgow, Scotland?

I am an American and lived in Aberdeen, Scotland for 8 years. The first four years were as a student and the following four working. I highly enjoyed my time there. Glasgow and Aberdeen are both somewhat looked down on, but I really think it depends on what you are looking for. I have always found the people of Glasgow to be friendly and welcoming. Just don't expect everything to be like the US, and to find all the things you are used to whether it be food, or large warm houses.

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and as such it attracts a great deal of cultural events, and there is always something to do. Beautiful landscapes are also easily accessible. To the north is Loch Lomond, to the west Kintyre and the Western Isles, to the south Ayr, and to the east, Edinburgh and Stirling. Being on the west coast, Glasgow can be very rainy. Think the Pacific Northwest, but with twice as many rainy days in the summer. Summer can be nearly non-existent some years.

If you are looking for Medieval architecture you wont find much. The city is largely Victorian or newer. Edinburgh is only an hour away if you are looking for some older architecture.There are some run down areas in Glasgow, so for the best experience I would recommend researching the area where you are thinking about moving.
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EDIT, 21 APRIL 2015:  Die Kurfurstendamm, one of the most major streets in the middle of Berlin (Germany), is almost always called Ku-damm.Ah, I wondered if there was a shortened Tegucigalpa, and there it is.  That one's a mouthful.For Dan Pepper, you mentioned A-Squared, but there's also its neighbor,

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Definitely!  I lived in the Middle East for 2 years, where my tall, thin body type screamed "poor breeder!" in a culture that valued child-bearing ability above all else in females.  Plus, I showed complete respect for the culture by covering my hair in public, in addition to wearing the required abaaya (black covering).   My pale skin, the

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A while ago I met someone incredible. I knew i'd fall in love from the start, and guess what? I did.Everything he did I swear nobody could do it better, everything he said felt like it couldn't be said better by anyone