What's one thing you should never do in Australia?

Never say never, but hey if you want risk mitigation then...

1. Driving at night on country roads when kangaroos are hip-hopping about is probably not the best idea. Particularly in a hire car. A collision with one of these guys is highly likely and not insured!

2. If you hear a siren at the beach, you best not keep swimming. It's a shark warning.

3. Leave your fish & chips unattended - not even for a second!

Speed !!!! Never ever speed not even 1km over .

Fines are huge and there are cameras and speed traps everywhere. In Australia speed limits are low and it is very easy to lose your license . Court costs are high as are lawyers bills . Please plan on aiming to drive about 3 km per hour below posted speed limits to allow yourself some leeway for slight changes in speed. Use your cruise control often if your easily stressed while driving under such exacting conditions .

How did the British colonize India?

The term is used for Britishers   is master mind , when was most of the countries limits to their own country land , they came across and expend their land globally , after conquering small , small nations and lands all over the

What surprises most tourists when they visit Bali?

I can safely say of the many family and friend tourists who have visited me over the years have the usual first impression when driving from the airport is the chaotic traffic.But usually after their first few days it is the amount of trash and litter

Why do people pebbledash houses?

I'd agree that the brick faced house looks better but, as others have mentioned, it's not the most economical way to weatherproof the face of an old and deteriorating building. Re-pointing the mortar joints would be an option but is a slow, tedious business and can therefore be expensive. The brick faced house generally