What's something your husband did to your mother that you won't ever forgive?

Nothing but I try to be the forgiving sort. Maybe a better question is - What communication skills can I used to express my sympathy to my mother while also staying happy in my marriage but also expressing disappointment in my spouse. Or Are my expectations of my husband and mother realistic? How can I help them both while not being a go between/picking sides/making myself a nervous wreck.

I read a book called Talking to Crazy!! Serious game changer

What are some animal 'fun fact' you know?

Oh, you made a mistake.Shih Tzus originated in Tibet, not China.Coton de Tulears are Madagascarian or whatever it is, not French.Cats sleep for up to 18 hours a day.The smallest cat breed is the Singapura, which does, in fact, come from Singapore.Male Tortoiseshell cats are next to always infertile due

If you have not consummated your marriage after a year then is it better to get a divorce or annulment? I have been married before, my wife has not, and neither or us are religious. We are in the UK.

Annulment.... Consummation is the OFFICAL SEAL of a marriage...No consummation ...technically ...no marriage. No sex is grounds for divorce, no sex ...no marriage since sex is the primary reason for marriage in the first place. In days past , a bloody sheet was hung out as proof of consummation, or the entire family hung out , waiting for proof

How are intense workouts healthy when it often long-term causes muscle strain?

Long-term issues are caused by permanent damage to the muscles, tendons or ligaments. These usually occur due to people jumping right on to intense training. When I was 16, I was desperate to lose weight, and lose weight fast. The first day I started on the treadmill, I jogged for ~7mins at 9kmph