What's that one thing that always makes you feel blue?

A song called Edge Hill by Groove Armada.

Not long after my brother's unexpected death I was scanning all of the photographs I have of him onto my hard drive whilst listening to a Groove Armada album.

Months later, I was listening to the song Edge Hill and became profoundly sad. Even now, 14 years later, I struggle to listen to that song, as good as it may be.

"...why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near..."

That particular bit from the Carpenters' ‘close to you'. Although I've had heard it before it was played on a Simpson episode (When Homer meets Marge in the 70's), it was the show that makes me blue upon hearing the tune everytime it is played.

Are you ready internet?

I was drugged and assaulted, and when I try to recall the details I can't be a hundred percent sure I survived the ordeal or that any of this is real at all.

What happened to my family if this reality is not the real one? Always brings a tear.

Trauma problems!

How to become a teacher in the MBNC school

Hi,MBNC School welcomes trained manpower who possesses the passion and enthusiasm for making a difference in the lives of these special children. If you are interested in serving for this Noble cause you can drop a mail to them info@mbcnschool.in here or you can visit their website Employment - Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan

Over the next 30 years, what industries will not be fully taken over by technology and still be reliant on human decision making?

Here is my simple answer: technology itself. When all the other industries rely on technology, the choices and decisions of scientists and programmers will matter the most to push the technology industry forward. Of course, this assumes that we will not build a meta-machine that can infinitely improve itself in the next 30 years, but given

Can you use two different numbers in WhatsApp on one phone?

Yes of course that's surely possible.Head off to play store and download Parallel space app and register your another number.Besides this, the app causes fast battery drainage and heating issues.But if you want to use 2 numbers simultaneously in whatsapp, that's a great app.Hope this helps.