What's the best Extraterrestrial Intelligence movie ever made and why?

I would frankly go with 2001 A Space Odyssey. The movie is a masterpiece which has been crafted brilliantly by Stanley Kubrick. In recent times Christopher Nolan's Interstellar has made to the top because of it elegant screenplay and conceptual story-line. But Interstellar was indeed inspired from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Kubrick manages to look at the minuscule details of what is like to go in space and manages to capture the experience brilliantly. Right from the starting where he explains the existence of mankind to what is like to be in space somehow makes it a master stroke.
The movie was directed in 1968. So I suppose the world just saw moon till then. And Stanley Kubrick's vision showed them everything.
The critics will say it...the movie lovers will say it and those, who love 'Interstellar' will probably hate it....

This is a film in which the extraterrestrials land down a monolith to the human primates so that they could flourish, evolve, learn hunting and fend off others in warfare by means of weaponry....

This is a film in which they give another monolith to the space-scavenging humans to move to the next level of space exploration and enabling them with massive technology.

This is also the film in which man dies, is reborn then as superior and extraordinary as a creation, only because of great forces at work.

It is easy enough to guess it.

'2001- A Space Odyssey'
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