What's the best art business idea?

Virtual Call center .

in that case , you may need to hire your staff on freelancing websites .

Perfect example for such is Virtual call center business.

Where owner of call center , operates all operations from home only. Hire freelancers from different countries , Get task done by them and pay on performance. Most successful operation could be lead generation , sales and marketing for various products and services in Usa and Uk region.

One of genuine reference still in market . Try it.

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Ms. Shwetha A.

Why most of the UFO sightings happened in developed countries?

It is actually the mindset of people that leads to this manifestation of this scenario.People of developed countries are open minded and realize the possibilty of existence of alien civilizations or ETs (Extra Terrestrials).People of developing or under developed countries have a lower mindset and are

Why is Google paying 3 billion a year to be the default iPhone search engine?

As others have pointed out, it's more like 3 BILLION, and it's to be the default Safari search engine, not the default browser. Having said that, I read that about 50% of their search engine revenue comes from iOS users, so you can bet