What's the best location ever visited?

There's no better month to take in the foliage, food, wine, and adventure of fall before the final warm days of the year draw to a close. Basically the warmer days of September transits into brisk afternoons of October, leaves begin to change its color and it falls to cover up the sidewalks, food menu swaps lemonade with pumpkin spice lattes. You can and should take advantage of the colors, smells, and sights of the harvest season, festival season, and the chance to spend those last few comfortable days outdoors. Traveling to various countries is a hobby for some and obviously, it offers some best and finest memories. With a surplus of foreign locations to choose from, narrowing the list down can be difficult. So let us take a tour of various foreign locations that are considered as the best spot to travel during the season of fall.

Istanbul, Turkey
Why Istanbul? Because during the time of fall this place has low rates, fewer crowds, and spectacular weather conditions. Now the city is becoming more popular because of blossoming contemporary art scene which is held from September's biennial to the gallery spaces popping up around the Beyoğlu district, not to mention the surge of high-end hotels. The city has got one remarkable hotel called as Soho House Istanbul, which occupies the former American Consulate, it has 3 restaurants, a rooftop pool, and the exclusive Embassy Club, where the city's starlets hold court.

Richmond, Virginia
One of the best America's road trip considered ever is the Skyline Drive – a remarkable and spectacular route that winds its way past the pastoral Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park. Why is it considered as best? Because during the time of fall creeper vines and dogwoods transform. After having the complete feeling of nature you should head east to the historic capital where a number of days can be spent touring monuments from the Civil War and the city's numerous gastropubs and craft breweries, before ending up at the art-focused Quirk Hotel.

Cartagena, Columbia
Why Cartagena? Because this city is famous for its Spanish-colonial architecture and local culture, from Caribbean music and dance to modern art and some of the best ceviche in Latin America. In addition to that the city has got design hotels, beautiful beaches that draw attractive crowds, or you can take a stroll through the El Centro's cobbled lanes, lined with buzzy cocktail lounges, and last but not the least is the 17th-century walls overlooking the sea. So this is one of the perfect places to join here during the time of fall

Acadia National Park, Maine
When it comes to seeking out autumn's best foliage, Acadia National Park, in coastal Maine, is considered one of the best places to go. Bike the carriage roads or hike its many forested trails, which look out over the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, as well as the island's many inlets. The park is also known for its abundance of wildlife, from red fox to seals and the rare bald eagle. Through mid-October, bird-watching enthusiasts enjoy Hawk Watch season on top of Cadillac Mountain, where peregrine falcons can be spotted riding the air currents.

Nashville, Tennessee
In 2015 Nashville was voted as the Destination of the Year. This city is also called as Music City. This city is beautiful any time of the year but October is best because of cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and fall festivals such as the Independent Music Fest which throws light on both emerging and established bands and songwriter. Music City has endless opportunities to entertain, from restaurants like Husk and Hattie B's to music meccas including the Country Music Hall of Fame and the legendary Bluebird Cafe, where Taylor Swift was first discovered.

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Well i have visited very few places. But the best location i have visited is "Tirupathi".

The reasonis because its situated up on the hill, and i love such places due to cold and serene atmosphere. The chants of "mantras" and "Bhajans" all along the way up to the top is totally mesmerising.

Thr people, the language, the temple, the climate, the food. I can't still forget all those even after 10years.

Love that place☺!

Devotion is in the air. None can deny that.

Do visit!!

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It is not feeling, it is a place. I have lot of places in mind. Like Acadia park. In Main. It is breathtaking. Cadillac Mount has most eye pleasing views ever. It was just sitting on the top and changing the point of view.

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