What's the best personal strength finding book?

Thank you for the A2A.

Here is a list I think that would be helpful for you:
Now, Discover Your Strengths: Marcus Buckingham, Donald O. Clifton: 9780743518147: Amazon.com: Books

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Living a Life of Gratitude by Sara Wiseman
Your Spiritual Personality by Marita Littauer
Be Confident! by Reamonn O'Donnchadha
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Can I do alternate day fasting?

Hi Michael. Alternate day fasting will work, but at your age it's better to have regular meals, which means ‘proper' dieting.First thing in the morning, you do need a decent breakfast, to get your blood sugar up. Don't use refined sugar, if you need a sweetener a small amount

Which are some good forearms and grip exercises?

Types of Grip StrengthThere are many defined forms of gripping. Some involve primarily the hands while others also involve the wrist and forearm.Crushing: Crushing is the action of closing the fingers against a resistance.Pinching: Pinching is the action of grasping something with the thumbs in opposition to the fingers. This can be static (no movement,