What's the best place to live in Southern California?

Agree with Wade Mcmillan

My picks:

If you can drive 10-20 mins Encinitas, CA  is hands down the best place to surf every day.

There are a few choices. To start with, you will need plenty of money for housing, or be willing to share a small living space with others, because this living arrangement will not come cheap in SoCal.

That being said, the most consistent wave zones in this area are Silver Strands or Hollywood Beach in Oxnard, Huntington in Orange County, or possibly Trestles in San Clemente. Trestles is a longer walk because it is within a state park.
What is the strangest thing you have experienced in a foreign country?

It was outside Vans in Turkey.I was circling the lake to go north towards the border.The became terrible and I stopped to ask a man dressed in a simple jumper and jeans if the Georgian border was this way.He said yes.He then said Chai? (Tea) I said uh yes... I adjusted my neck tube

Are the Star Wars books any good?

The following are some Star Wars books/novels that I personally found really enjoyable (also, I've mentioned them in the best order to be read so that characters introduced in one series are referred in the others so that it does not become very confusing):The Thrawn TrilogyHeir to

Why didn't Norway become a republic when the Union between Norway and Sweden was dissolved in 1905?

There were people, mostly leftists and communists who wanted that, but the tradition of having a king was so well engrained (1100 years, that's not little) that and still so common in Europe then (there were not that many Republics at all, mostly empires/monarchies) that getting a king seemed like the way to go for many people.But