What's the best technique to keep yourself calm in difficult situations?

Let me tell you some of my own techniques that I use when I get frustrated/or in a difficult situation.

First of all, think why the situation has occured. There are always difficult sutuations in life which need to be controlled. Always remember, people will ultimately follow you by the type of person you are.

The best technique I use to control myself in difficult situations is that I give a thought - "why am I fussed over this issue? Is this so important that it will eat up some of my precious minutes in my life. Is it really that important to be angry or get frustrated over a situation like this. Then I say to myself, definitely its not worth." And then I virtually minimize that ‘topic' in my brain to the limitless and endless happiness/bliss that I have in life just like in a computer, you minimize a window to do some other work.

Always remember, "pain is temporary, success is permanent."

And if its a difficult situation now, it will pass. Its not going to stay with you forever, After a storm comes a calm. So don't give up. Just stand.

If someone has hurt me and I am sad over it, I always tend to ask myself, Why should I give control of my emotions to someone else? Why should he decide what I ought to do?Remember, never never never ever give anyone the control of your emotions, the control of how you feel.

Most people in this world are not concerned with what problems you have and many are glad you have them.

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Love Everyone!Help Everyone!Integrity, morals, and ethic's.Harm no one.Here is a true story for you my friend.Years back my 2nd highest reducing real estate agent made an error. It is not a big deal, we can correct the error. But I know he lied to me.I tell every agent