What's the best thing I can do for my Ex-girlfriend after I had been having to comfort her every time her douche bag of a boyfriend causes her to come crying on my shoulders?

Stop giving her an audience. Give her a number to a good therapist and move on. Trying to fix your acquaintances will make you both sicker. There are always two sides of the story and the other guys aren't there to tell their sides. If she's constantly complaining about her love life, but doesn't take ownership in her part and make changes tells me that she just wants an audience. Pull the curtains and tell her to find another audience. You are more than a drama dump site.

How does a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints become a non-member?

There are two primary means-one is voluntary, the other is not.Said member can commit a serious transgression such as murder, abortion, incest, adultery or apostasy and then have the membership removed as part of Church discipline.Or:A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may withdraw from the association of the Church by making

What are the best ways to support your stressed partner if you're in a long distance relationship?

Oh, I have a ton of experience with this. The first year of my LDR was not that stressful. The second was a living hell.My wife was in Canada while I was in Europe. She was living with a friend of

Debt: Can you pay your credit card bill with another credit card?

You can not directly pay your one credit bill from another. There is no direct way, however it is possible to transfer your one credit card bill on another with which you can make the payment. There are several alternate methods with which you can pay your one credit card bill with another one.1-