What's the best travel pillow?

I'm actually browsing Quora for best travel pillows when I come to this question. I haven't found one yet, but here are my personal viewpoints about choosing one. As a cervical spondylosis patient who fell off the stage while dancing and almost broke one's neck, I've been very careful in choosing pillows, whether for bed or travel. As a Chinese saying goes, "prolonged illness makes the patient a good doctor", and this experience is truly making me see my neck differently. Despite the question was asked a long time ago, I'd like to appeal for attention to caring our neck.

The most important function of a pillow, from my point of view, is to support your neck and maintain the normal shape of the spine. The spine looks like this:

If you are looking for the perfect travel companion, then you have one in Cabeau evolution memory foam pillow. This donut shaped pillow in the "Evolution Series" is one of the most popular and most bought travel pillows among others

LANGRIA Astronaut Travel Pillow could be the best travel pillow.

This travel pillow uses 100% supportive memory foam filling and eyelet fabric cover, which is skin-friendly, breathable and machine washable. It has a unique shape with a built-in hood to guarantee a comfortable deep sleep experience that will definitely change the way you travel.

ADVANCED FOAM: thanks to the Premium memory foam core, your head, chin, and neck will be perfectly supported throughout your trip, no matter how long this one is. The pros of memory foam are:

  • Relief and prevent pressure points by distributing weight across the surface of the pillow
  • Support spinal alignment for a better positioning of the back and lumbar when sitting
  • Reduce allergens, as the foam is naturally inhospitable to microbes and dust
  • Have a long-lasting lifespan (average of 3 years) because the foam is more resilient

There are so many travel pillows out there it can be hard to figure out which one is best. I've reviewed 16 different travel pillows myself, and really like the AirComfy travel pillow the most. It's a good mix of comfortable and portable, which is what you are looking for. It's inflatable but also has a foam layer inside which maximizes the comfort. But you can deflate it and roll it up into a travel case so it's easy to pack.

I also really like the Huzi Infinity Pillow because its shape makes it a good fit for any type of travel. It's also super soft (just a little less portable than the AirComfy). I also like that it's machine washable so it is super easy to clean.

I've also put together a list of my favorite travel pillows and who I think they'd be a good fit for. I hope this helps and you find a pillow that you like!

If you are going for long or short travel and want to carry a portable or fold-able pillow, then you must opt for Phiten Three Fold Pillow .

This product is very light-weight and very durable.

Star Series X30 Three Fold Pillow is a versatile and functional product which can be customised to your needs. It can be used as a pillow at home or a cushion at work or in a car.

Just give it a try.

You can also go for Phiten pillow case which is Star Series X30 pillow case was developed with strong deodorant and antibacterial function along with relaxation function to give you a more comfortable sleep. It is designed to fit into Phiten's popular Shiatsu Pillow. The fabric can be stretched to fit other pillows.

There are many travel pillows available in the market, but I used Trtl pillow for my last trip. It is better than a traditional U shaped memory foam travel pillow. I carried this in my backpack and it occupies very less space.

When I traveled in an airplane I wore this pillow and it holds my neck in ergonomic position. I felt very comfortable and I fell asleep with no head rolling or drooling on the neighbor's shoulder. Friends, I think you are definitely gonna buy this product.

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