What's the best way to break off an engagement?

Millenials will tend to text the bad news , but this seems impersonal and flip. The person wishing to break it off must meet with the other and look them in the eyes. There is no need to apologize because it is the right move to avoid the wrong situation. Be kind and avoid hurting feelings by highlighting the positive things about the relationship. Also highlight the positive qualities of the other person. In the end the decision was made and is final because it would only otherwise lead to much greater suffering on both sides.

Do older men find older women attractive?

This is a great topic for yelp, because of the hate for older people in general displayed here on a daily basis.In answer to your question, it depends. If a guy marries his high school sweetheart, and she takes care of herself, and he stays with her through thick and thin,

How much calories will I burn using dumbbells when doing the following exercises?

Don't worry about the number of calories, they don't matter.For fat loss 15 reps for 5 sets is ridiculously unnecessary. That's what I assume you're doing it for. You need heavier weight less reps.First of all understand you may or you may not. Just give it your post. Don't focus on the number

Are humans the only species that get addicted to substances?

Definitely not! Read on!!Sydney has quite a rat problem. They arrived with the First Fleet and have been endemic in the dock areas ever since. They are pretty damn big,It has been discovered that not only does the rat poison