What's the best way to deal with a break up?

My ex-wife was verbally abusive. I divorced her 3 years when she told me she went to a party. She drank some wine. She passed out. She woke up then went home. 2 months later she missed her period. I hung up on her and blocked my phone and email. I went to counseling with a psychologist. I highly recommend seeking help and not go at this alone. Anyway I am now engaged to a more mentally stable woman.

What are the most difficult things people experience in marriage? How can they solve them?

The most challenging parts of marriage:Compromise: It's extremely hard to put the other person above or even equal  to yourself.  Let's say you really want something, like to put in french drains and he really wants something, like a motorcycle.  It's hard to decide which is more important, correcting drainage issues or

Is a relationship possible to begin as long distance?

My boyfriend and I met at a party last year when my brother introduced us. I thought the idea of 'eyes meeting across a crowded room' was a cliche of films until that night.He messaged me straight away the next day and we started talking, mainly about the

Can Muslims give Zakat to non-Muslims?

No,Zakat can not be given to non-Muslims. It can be given to eight kinds of needy. In order of priority,and their definition according to Islam,they are:1. Faqeer (begger): someone who has absolutely nothing to survive on2. Muskeen (poor,needy) : someone deprived