What's the best way to start doing pull-ups?

Pull-ups seem to be a very difficult exercise for many people. I've worked out consistently for decades, and at 61 years old I typically do 4 sets of 15 wide-grip pull-ups, and 4 sets of 15 close-grip pull-ups, three or four times a week. Sometimes, just for fun I'll wear a belt with a 35 lb weight and do sets of 6. For reference purposes, I'm 5'9" and I typically weigh about 155 lb.

In the photo below I have a total of 90 pounds hanging on the belt. I am only able to to one pull-up with this weight (so far). Most people probably think it's crazy for a 61 year old guy to do these things but that makes it even more satisfying to me ;-) My joints and tendons seem to be able to handle the stress just fine, and I've yet to even experience any soreness from doing these exercises. Maybe it's the fish oil?

What kind of marriages last longer? Love or arrange?

Originally Answered: Is it true that arranged marriages, even in recent times, last longer than love marriages?I have no statistics to prove one way or another, so just expressing my opinion here:As I am from India- a conservative society, where dating is still not common, is looked

Is it bad to exercise (jog, run) after eating?

Only if you have eaten way too much and then you run/jog way too much. Eating and digesting requires an increased blood flow to your digestive system. Running/jogging requires an increased blood flow to your muscles. You only have so much blood. Something has to give. You could end up with bad abdominal cramps causing you the irresistible

What should we talk about before marriage?

Although a lengthy post, hope you like it.Diya and Aahan were married for five years, their's was a love marriage. Life was not the same after marriage for both. It often leads to misunderstandings, cryings which took Diya into almost depression. They pointed fingers at each other whenever