What's the best way to study for an exam?

I hope I'm not too late to help. But here goes with my secret​s​...



​One Brilliant Technique for Note-Taking, Which Forces You to Pay Attention in Class While Having Fun with Colored Pens and Markers

The prestigious



has developed what is called Cornell Note-Taking Method. According to Cornell, it works like magic. They suggest you draw vertical lines down regular notebook paper to create the 2 columns down your page (one 2.5 inches wide, one 6 inches wide) but every college bookstore, or accounting supplies area, even WalMart, has preprinted books for this (The books of paper lined this way don't mention Cornell, but you'll see the pages divided in the Cornell Method. OMG I LOVE THIS PAPER FOR THIS KINDA NOTE-TAKING!), which I used and loved! It makes exam studying so simple you won't believe it. Colored pens and highlighters just make it more fun!

Here is the official page for the Cornell Notes instructions:




My No-Cheat Trick Mega-Hack: ​

Everything You Could Possibly Do to Get Incredibly Great Grades on Exams.

I'm asked SO often ​how I made straight A's my last 2 years (after I invented this) in an extremely difficult law school (300 applications for each seat in this law school--HARD to get in) doing this (below) that I'm giving it to you for free.​ If I got to you too late for your exams, you might consider printing this out for your next level of education because this is a trick only law professors teach and almost no one knows it. Here it is:

​A. ​First, if you ever miss even one class during a course, ask a student who was there and who took notes if you can make a copy of their notes from that class (best if he/she emails the notes to you so you don't borrow the actual notes and risk losing them!). You might even have to pay, in grad school, but do it. If you know of a student with a laptop who seems to take great notes, then when you get back to the next class, ask that student to email you a copy of the notes. Offer to pay if it's law or medical school. (I always did this, and ONCE, the ENTIRE EXAM was about the ​m​aterial in the one class I missed, and if I hadn't gotten those notes, I would have failed the course. True story!).

​B. ​Now, about 2 days or more before the exam (Yes, THAT long is how long to study if you want an A), pick up all your class notes, and the textbooks or handouts the teacher assigned you. Boil all of that down to an outline that covers every single thing the teacher taught from beginning to end of the semester.

​C. ​The best ​and most fun, even comical, ​way to memorize the outline is by making it into a picture of a road that goes in a circle and for each topic of the class, you draw a different stupid little picture. Work on this for 2 days before an exam. Part of the time will be creating the outline and/or drawings. Part of the time will be making sure you know about each topic. The rest of the time, stare at the outline and/or drawings and keep trying to memorize them and check texts and handouts and class notes and make sure you memorize all of it. It does take two 8- or 10-hour days of doing nothing but this if you want possibly the highest grade in the class. ​REMEMBER: ​This method is used in the hardest law schools, is taught by the professors, and you WILL memorize the outline (the whole course!) if you do this.

​D. Perfume??? Also do this: choose a strong perfume or cologne that you have at home. Put it on the back of your hand, a lot of it, so you can smell it through every minute of your study time. Just before the exam, apply that exact perfume or cologne to the back of your hand before you walk into the exam. Science has proven unquestionably that smells will cause you to remember things you could not recall any other way. If you smell something during an event, 50 years later, that smell will make you recall the event. Use this trick for memorizing material for an exam. Smelling your hand during the exam can make you recall things you might forget. It works amazingly! BUT WARNING! Use a DIFFERENT fragrance for each exam. If you don't, you will be in an exam accidentally remembering things from a different exam. Always use a different fragrance for each exam!


​​If you have an open-book exam, just bring in your outline/drawing ​and use it​.​


​ Step one: ​If you have a closed-​book exam, ​meaning you can't bring in anything but a pencil, then ​for the last hour before the exam, sit right outside the exam room and stare at the outline /drawing for that hour before the exam starts​, continuing to memorize it​ (after the days of memorizing it at home).

​ Step two: ​Don't forget to have that fragrance on the back of one hand. ​

Step three: ​For blue-book exams, just before exam time, throw away the outline/drawing you've been staring at, then quickly go into the exam room. Grab a blue book (in


we use booklets called blue books to write exam answers) or whatever ​paper ​they give you to write your exam on ​and IMMEDIATELY RE-WRITE AND RE-DRAW YOUR OUTLINE INSIDE THE BLUE BOOK FROM MEMORY. ​Now you can use the outline/drawing throughout the exam! Make sure you use only paper from INSIDE the exam room. ​This is so the Prof will know you didn't bring any outline or drawing into the room. ​​

​ Note: If you are ever accused of having brought the outline into the class, either have an explanatory note under the outline telling how you did it, OR show them a copy of these instructions so they'll understand how you could have had an outline on your test paper.​

​ Step four: If your exam is printed on paper that is handed out near start time, just wait. ​When the teacher hands out the exams, face down, still just sit there. When s/he says "Go" or "Turn over your paper and begin," NOT UNTIL THEN do you duplicate your outline/drawing on the back of the exam sheet or in a corner of the paper. Don't start writing before s/he says GO or it will look like cheating. Even tho it takes up a little of your exam tim​e​ to recreate (draw/write) the outline or drawing as fast as you can on some part of the exam paper​, it's worth it.​ Be thorough in reproducing it. It's ​the whole course condensed!​ Now you will have an outline to look at through the whole exam and without cheating.

​ Step five: Just ​keep referring to​ your ​newly drawn​ outline or drawing ​during the exam​ And keep smelling the back of your hand (on which is the same perfume or cologne you smelled all through your study days). I thought up the part about the smell-memory stimulation technique ​after studying how memory works​.

​ Step six: Making thousands of dollars legally after a killer exam:​

IMPORTANT: WHEN YOU LEAVE THE EXAM, retrieve your outline/drawing from the trash can or maybe you made a copy at home, but don't lose the outline/drawing even if you threw it into a rubbish can.

If you get a high grade on the exam, you can later sell that outline/drawing for a lot of money to as many people as you want, who will be taking the same course next semester. This is NOT cheating. It is NOT cheating to buy study guides of any kind. People have paid as much as $100 for a copy, if you got an A and can prove it. Tell them about the fragrance trick too. You can make more than $1,000 selling copies, depending on how scared students are of the exams; in law school, it was easy to get $100 per copy. This is not cheating.

​* * *​

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