What's the best way to travel throughout the Asia-Pacific region for a first-time traveler?

Probably fly into Bangkok and spend some time there and in the islands like Phuket. There is some unrest currently but shouldnt keep you away. You might stay in the Sukhumvit area with many nice hotels and restaurants.

The truth is that the most exciting part about travel for me is not having a fixed plan - by having a plan written in stone you are almost limiting yourself from the get go - although there are a number of pages on our site offering itineraries and guides for Cambodia, Vietnam etc - my suggestion would be to organise your entrance flight and your exit flight - budget how much you will spend a day and limit yourself to that and then just go with the flow - discovering as you go. 

By having a ridged agenda you are not really a first time traveler - you are a first time tourist ;-) Hope these links help.

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There are many more links on our site that we have written up - you will have to have a digg around.  If you really must have some sort of plan my suggestion would be to give yourself a rough time period (2-4 weeks) in each country you want to visit - map out a rough time and agenda and things to check off your list and then be willing to change it all at a moments notice. 

Best of luck on your trip - you will have a fantastic time - Travel is the only thing that makes you richer ;-) 

It depends of course on your budget and what you like to do.  Here are some ideas:

  • Philippines: Intramuros in Manila, canoeing the Pagsanjan River, a famous beach resort on another island the name of which I don't recall
  • Thailand: Temples and shrines in Bangkok, beach resorts on the Andaman Sea.  I haven't been up north but Chiang Mai is said to be beautiful
  • Cambodia:  I haven't been but friends say that the temple complex at Angkor Wat is amazing
  • Japan: Enjoy an onsen (hot spring resort).  Tokyo is very impressive; don't miss the wholesale fish market (which may have been moved since I was there)
  • Malaysia: Wonderful and cheap food at street stands in Kuala Lumpur; Cameron Highlands
  • Singapore:  Another amazing city, especially if you like shopping and street food.  The Bird Park is great.

Here are some photo albums which might suggest places to visit, or miss:

Hokkaido, Japan:  Hokkaido2010

Tokyo:  Tokyo2010

Malaysia:  Malaysia2010

Singapore: Singapore2010

Have a safe and happy trip
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