What's the coolest dog you ever had?

Define "cool"...

I've cared for three dogs, they all had cool traits, errr, or kind of, in a way.

The first was cool becuse she was a protector. She protected us against any percived dangers. She was super friendly - to us, to ppl she had decided was a threat - not so much. It was cool that she wanted to protect us, it was really really bothersome that she decided who to protect us from.

The second one was my dog teacher. She taught me a lot about dogs with lots of will of their own. I think with her I got in to the "Be the buddy, not the boss."-mood. She was cool because she did funny things and was really social once she had accepted ppl. When we met ppl and happend to be sitting next to each other, like in a couch, she would climb up and strecth out across as many laps as possible. She wasn't a big dog (50 cm) but she could stretch out her hind legs and fore legs to cover four persons or five youngsters laps.

The third. Well, we took him to training for tracking (tracing a scent in the woods), at the first lesson he traced the whole track in one go, without hesitation, straight at the thing hidden in the end of the track. From there he just increased his abilities to trace ppl and animals. I didn't do anything, he was just a natural and he understood what it was he was supposed to track. Amazing.

I don't know if that is cool but it was intense, funny and interesting at least.

If I could get one of them back, or get puppies from one of them, number two has a special place in my heart. Besides the social side she liked to scare of wild boars when we were in the woods and a good help to persuade uninvited guests to leave our place. But mostly she was a free spirit who could not be ordered around but was very loving, a bit like a cat.

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