What's the creepiest thing you've found while at someone's house?

I have seen some pretty disgusting places, one place there had to be two feet of dirty clothes from the front door all the way through the house, in the kitchen was a section for like a dishwasher, instead that is where they thru the trash, right in the floor, opened food cans,tampons, you name it, it was piled up the wall and into the kitchen floor, roaches everywhere, I walked about five steps inside and turned around and told my friend, I'll be in the car,lol. I have never seen anything like that in my life, and I hope I never do again. One other story was when I used to ride with another employee (girl ),to work, she had a small child that would throw half of hamburgers, etc. into the floor of the back seat, some of which made it under the seat, that I rode in, one day I quit my job, but had to wait in the car for her to get off work, so I decided to clean out her trash in the car, and throw it all over the parking lot of my now x working place, I got to under the seat and found maggots everywhere under there,from the kid throwing his foodad under it, I couldn't believe all the months I rode with her, that there was maggots right under me, straight disgusting, thankfully since I quit that day I never had to ride with her again, lol.

What is it like to be in Goa for a vacation?

Goa is not the place you visit once and cross off from your list. After the first visit it becomes an urge and after the second, a tradition! This Portuguese Shangri-la on Indian soil has so many charming worlds that even the most seasoned travellers can't make the best of their Goan holiday.It has to start with beaches! While

What are the differences in cookies among different European countries?

Within Europe the ingredients and methods of preparation of cookies vary widely. From the Italian Biscotti to the German speculaas you have a lot of variety.Youre question honestly doesn't have a short answer.                                           It was Buymylux's first live event on Monday at The Souk and it was quite the show. Easter

What would happen in the MCU if Asgardians never existed?

If Asgardians never existed, many planets would still exist because Hela and Odin went on a slaying spree. Asgardians conquered 9 realms, and thus, Odin became the protector of those realms. If there were no Asgardians, other species would have claimed the 9 realms, and possibly more realms in the process. They may have been more or