What's the crime rate of North Korea?

The crime rate is enormous since the crimes are being committed by the government.  Ten thousands people are being kidnapped and held along with their families in concentration camps  which are basically of two types: "re-education" camps and death camps. They are being maltreated in all imaginable ways . 

Hoeryong concentration camp
Why do most Indian women prefer to wear saree?

Every subject in Hindu culture is based on the science of Spirituality. In our culture, there is a tradition of wearing a nine-yard saree. In the earlier times, women used to wear nine-yard sarees only; but today, women find it inconvenient

How much time will it take to build up my body?

please be specific while asking such questions and mention your BMI , WEIGHT , HEIGHT , AGE , and what lifestyle you follow .for an average indian it takes 3 months at least to get into a noticeable change further 3 months with rigorous training can get you a well to do and a kick

Will going to the gym help me gain weight?

First and foremost i want you to know running is not the activity you want to indulge yourself into. Running is a prescribed remedy for fat loss. Now that you already are 46 kgs, i don't think you want to lose more pounds running. So chuck running out of your to do