What's the cringiest movie you've ever seen?

Probably the Kissing Booth (2018). The movie received lots of attention and was praised by the younger teenage audience. I found the movie to be disconnected and well cringy. I could barely sit through it even with friends as moral support. The dialogue tries to hard to be cool and i can't come up with any adjectives other than cringy to describe it. Each scene became more unbelievable as the movie went on. It was like my 7th grade fanfiction had been turned into a movie, shitty love story and "hot" boyfriend included. The only way I could make it through the movie was because I could laugh at it. It tries to be serious but fails miserably. Plus the acting is subpar and the "hot bad boy" your supposed to root for is straight ugly.

How do films manage to get made?

Short answer: same way hospitals get built, or aeroplanes get designed, or plays get put on. That is, you break the problem down into a set of more manageable problems, make different people responsible for each part, and bring that group together on a regular basis to keep everything synchronised.

What is the best scene in cinema?

Rosebud revelationThe Bride vs Crazy 88Run Forrest Run! (The first run of his life)Quid Pro Quo- Silence Of The LambsNot Guilty- 12 Angry Men's last vote turnI shall never be hungry again- Gone With The WindThe last moment of his

What will happen if I/you have no friends?

Every one has a friend let it be human or animals..The purpose is that they love you and help you.Now what if we don't have friends? Well you will be completely lonely,Unloved,No one to help you or be by your side in everything you experience in