What's the difference between cell phone reception and LTE?

LTE (Acronym for Long Term Evolution) is a technology that allows mobiles, or generically speaking, user equipments (UEs), to be able to access high speed data with typical speeds of around 100 Mbps. Of course like with every technology, these numbers will keep increasing as the technology improves, but thats beside the point.
Very simply speaking, when your mobile phone powers on, it tries to search for a network to latch onto. There are various algorithms and operator specified instructions on which type of technology to try and access first (GSM or CDMA/UMTS/LTE etc) and in which frequency band to search for them.
After having latched onto a network and registering with it, the mobile will typically show what type of technology the current network is supporting, giving you an idea, among other things, of the type of data speeds you will be experiencing.
So cell phone reception is basically the presence of some sort of access network (GSM or CDMA/UMTS/LTE) and its associated signal quality.
How and why has Apple overtaken Microsoft?

Apple has not overtaken Microsoft, at least not yet. They don't necessarily compete in the same markets. Apple partners with Microsoft a great deal. Apple has dominated the smartphone and tablet market competing only with Google.Microsoft is still very strong in the ActiveDirectory and small server markets. When I say small server, I mean Windows Server products. Yes,

Have you ever made your own really unique chess set? If so, would you share a picture and maybe even how you made it?

Well I had a nice answer with a lot of links but Quora said I was spamming :)  I will say that I've made board games before, and to succeed, you really just need creativity.  The process is inherently about coming up with something unique and then doing it.There's plenty of resources online about

Is it possible that Tesla could run into huge problems as major car manufacturers start similar electric car production with their massive production capacity?

Bill MacDonald is right on. But there are many more hurdles for big auto to scale than finding enough batteries, as critical as they are to the mass production of EVs. An even bigger challenge is designing and building an EV at a profit. It's naive to think