What's the difference between positive thinking and wishful/fantasy thinking? Why do we need positive thinking? I think that we need rational thinking.

positive thinking is more a general  and mature mindset that helps an individual cope and deal with life more functionally by keeping a positive outlook; not succumbing to self-destructive behaviour. Wishful thinking is more an immature and spesific mindset that hinders growth, development by keeping the individual in a bubble; might work in a static environment, but not very adaptabe to change, since the mindset depends not on external truth, but what the individual find to be pleasing  internally. Thus, laws of attraction might mostly be a result of wishful thinking component or of a 'rational/logical/positive/informed' component. If you learned the truth on attraction, if one can identify the emotions within and attach them to knowledge; then it's less wishful thinking and more positive thinking, since signals governeing attraction are interpreted based on external reality, on knowledge and not a naive hope based on what is found pleasing. Extreme wishful thinkers interpret a smile, a touch as proof of attraction and love. Yes; good things happen if you know how the status game works. Good luck making sense of my ramble
How to tell if somebody is faking their depression

Once understood correctly, depression is fairly easy to see in other people. There's signs to look for: financial struggles, problems in relationships and friendships, low confidence and self esteem, lethargic behavior, a very messy room, lack of motivation in things they are interested

Does exercise help lower cholesterol? If yes, how? How much?

Yes, in my case.My readings are as below. Type, before, after and recommended.Total 7.3 5.7 5.2 (less than)HDL 1.17 1.58 1.04 (more than)LDL 5.4 3.69 2.6 (less than)Tri 1.6 1.02 1.7 (less than)Total/LDL 6.2 3.6 5.0 (less than)Do not look at

Does muscle stimulation through electronic devices promote strength and/or endurance gains?

Yes. Point being it does.People keep thinking things like, electrical stimulation is being lazy, while they keep doing their 12 reps and increase their weight. What in the first place actually gives you strength at all is based on your innervation and activation patterns. Your body learns how to cause