What's the happiest you've ever been for someone else?

He was a supervisor in one of the sections when I was Director in an institution of my department in 1998. He came to me for requesting four years leave without pay for educational purposes. I thought of helping him in some way. Asked if he was given an evening duty (we did not have any by then), would that be more helpful to him? He was surprised; he could never think of that. Said ‘yes sir'. He would be much obliged if that was possible.

We had a hostel housing nearly 250 trainees. I issued orders for manning it with a supervisor rank person to help trainees in the evening and keep an overall watch on management aspects (we had deputed a lower rank official for that). Once done that, next day I issued orders (using my unique discretion) and was ready for any backlash from higher office; there was none.


This happened just couple of days ago.

Date: 10th July, 2017.

Time 1.13 p.m.

I took a day off from my office as I went to the hospital. I along with my family members were in the hospital since morning. My Sister was pregnant and supposed to have a baby that day. Then Doctors took her into OT. The operation was going on. After some time ,Doctor came out and informed us that we are blessed with a baby boy weighting 3.5 kg. And all my family members burst into tears. Happiness was on top. We all congratulated each other. I too was on the seventh sky as I became Maturnal Uncle. Can't define that moment. Then when I saw into My Sis's and Jiju's eyes, I felt happiness. I was never as much happy as that day even when I graduated, got my first job, first salary etc. That day Happiness was redefined for me.

Just look at him

I'll get to it.

Year 12's at my school graduating.

They look happy. Sound happy, and are overall pretty fucking happy. They drove out of the school waving us goodbye. Waving the teachers goodbye and honking their horns. Years of dedication, hard work and devotion led to that moment in their life and it was undoubtfully going to be one they remember for a long time.

In a persons life they will receive small pockets of happiness, and I knew that I had just watched a group get one of them. I felt happy for someone I didn't know or have any social interactions with. It felt great and they were all so friendly that day.

In my 13 years of being alive I've put myself around assholes and been influenced by them. For that day I didn't call someone an idiot for having fun. I realized that I will eventually have that same car riding down that same road. Waving at the people who taught me to do better.

In conclusion, no matter what you can't help but feel good for someone's uprise. It's amazing.

I have been the witness on several occasions to someone realizing the "Truth". It happened right in front of me during a conversation I had with them. What I said was not so important ....they were ready and "got it".

Looking into someone's eyes and seeing the realization happen right in front of you is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Neither of us could keep our eyes from watering up with tears of Joy.

When I lived in Helsinki with my ex-husband, we had a group of friends we saw a few times a week. One girl was applying to universities and talked to me about her application process, her recommendations, and her essay. We discussed everything in detail for more than an hour. When she was admitted to the university, I was delighted!

I was happy for my niece recently when she got a job, but felt significantly less in the loop in her job search and interviewing process. I didn't even know she was interviewing. So I felt less enthusiastic about it.

I worked on a case with a friend for two months .She was an new immigrant in Toronto.When she won that case I was ecstatic, i cried so much because I was happy that she won. She did not cry but I am sure she was in shock,or some people do not know how to express their feelings.

Why is Russia so poor?

It's actually your brain function that's (extremely) poor. Russia is a wealthy, high-income country.

What were your impressions of visiting Finland?

I'm Brazilian and I've lived in Helsinki, Finland for almost 10 years. I love it here and can't imagine myself living anywhere else in the world. I love all the great

Why am I throwing up blood in my vomit?

It's better to deal with your parents. They can handle it .believe them. And if you are too worried to talk to them ,u can consult a doctor alone first and if there is any problem share with your parents.Anyways my prayers for better relief.God bless u.