What's the history of Hinduism? Where did it originate and how did it spread?

Before we begin to understand the history of hinduism, it is necessary to define two important terms and their origins (For a short answer, please jump to the conclusion).

Hindu and Hinduism

The earliest reference to the term hindu comes from the one of the many Achaemenid royal inscriptions. An inscription found at Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid empire, details the conquests of Darius the great. This Persian inscription dated approximately to 515 BCE lists "Hidus" as one of the Darius' conquests among others like Gandhara, Saka, etc.

What are some of the longest-held world records in sports?

Me being an avid cricket follower, following are some of cricket's long standing records:1)This record could probably be the toughest to even equal it, forget about beating it: Most wickets in a single test match- By Jim Laker of England who

How many hours of cardio should I do to lose weight?

How many hours do you have? How much do you want your exercise to contribute to your weight loss? And are you committed to not giving yourself

How to reduce belly fat and chest fat without gymming

Yes! You should stop eating.. Completely.. You won't have to be embarrassed, study for 16 - 17 hours or go on a diet after that :)Got 12 mins to spare? If yes, then try the workout below and let me know if it works..Burpees with push ups (1 min)