What's the longest you've ever waited for something?

I entered a short-story contest in the fourth grade that I would eventually win. The writing part was always easy for me once I put pen-to-paper, so I finished before most of the kids.

When it was announced the next day that I had the best short-story in our class, my teacher called me out of the classroom.

I'm getting a reward! Hehe-heh?

He handed me some tape instead and told me to stick my work on the school's bulletin board near the entrance. To say that I wanted to tape him to the bulletin board was an understatement. But ever the positive kid, I decided that I had something to show my father who was returning that weekend from a business trip in New Zealand.

That meant waiting.

Most days leading up to his return, I kept telling him over the phone that I have a surprise for him but I never told him what it actually was. I spent nights acting out a movie in my head where I'd somehow hijack the plane and park outside the school gates where I'll then drag six feet of muscle to the school bulletin board. I wanted him to see it that bad.

The flight he was catching was a midnight flight. No way in hell was I sleeping until he tucked me into bed that night, and no way in hell was my mother going to deny me entry to the car when she would go and pick him up.

We finally got there. There we waited, and waited some more.

While we waited this entire time, his lifeless body was waiting for us, at the hospital.

He caught an earlier flight that day because he wanted to surprise us at home but he died of a stroke a few hours after the plane landed.

I finally returned to school two weeks after the funeral and it was only then that I remembered my stupid, selfish, and pathetic little short-story. I thought that if I didn't rush him, then just maybe he would still be alive. Even as I write this, it sounds stupid, but it was how I felt.

Looking up at the bulletin board, I could see my short-story; it was almost mocking me: ‘Me, dad, and our day at the beach.'

I never even got the chance to show it to him.

I clearly remember.

I was in 2nd standard.

We we're not financially well off. We lead a normal life.No luxury. Getting a new pencil from the pencil packet required a 10 minutes question answer session, and mom getting convinced about the reason.

Both my parents were working, and they had loans, and other liabilities. My ill grandparents used to stay with us. Mom was always busy. Dad used to take night shifts. They were making the foundation for our future.

We used to always depend on public transport to travel. Dad had a bike, which he had to sell for some reason. He was saving up for buying another bike.

My friend Richu had a car. It was an Ambassador car if I'm not wrong. Every day his dad used to drop him to school in the car. Evening he used to go by the school bus.

That one day, his father came to pick him in the car. Uncle told me that he would drop me also to my home. I was super happy. I asked him whether I could sit in the front seat. He agreed. He also let me to use the horn. I was super happy.

I went home and told Dad that we should also buy a car. He laughed so much. He just took me out of the house and showed me a small plant. It was teak. He told me" once this becomes a big tree, I will sell it, and we will get so much money, and we will buy a car".

Since then, every day I used to water it, and wait for it to become a tree.

Every morning I used to go and check the growth. If we went out of town, I used to run back and see the plant.

Let me tell you, even now we have that tree, fully grown and matured.

Dad got his car, without selling the tree.

Still he makes fun of my waiting..:-D

Even though the curiosity and excitement lasted only for a few months, that was the biggest I ever waited for something.

I'm still waiting actually. But it's coming.

I'm told it's coming the year after next, around mid March. Wow, I have had to wait for such a long time! There are quite a few people very excited about it too, friends and family in particular. I often wonder if any will be jealous. Probably not.

A couple of my friends have got it already and have said, "Never again!" I don't know what to make of that and am unsure if I even want it now. I do know I won't get a second one either. The wait had better be worth it if I am only having one.

I guess it's too late to back out, it's coming whether I want it to or not. So is my wife's. She is getting one to but she has to wait a bit longer than me. It would have been great to have them both arrive on the same day but apparently the chances of getting that to happen were slim.

She is lucky in a way because I will have mine and she gets to share it with me. A sort of "try before you buy" type thing, although, hers is coming regardless.

Having just written that (sharing mine) I am wondering if it might take the lustre of hers a little. I hope not. I would be very disappointed if it did. That just wouldn't be fair.

I have been so focused on mine I haven't really talked to her about hers, how selfish of me. Is she excited, nervous or because of the wait couldn't care now? I can relate to all of those feelings.

Waiting so long does change your attitude, when it finally arrives you are a bit over it. I know I am already but deep down I still want to enjoy the day it arrives. I am pretty sure I will have fun.

Anyway, you only have one 50th birthday and I intend to be skiing in Japan to celebrate.

Oh yeah, I can't wait!

What's the longest you've ever waited for something?

I have been waiting for some years now. Not knowing if I ever would get it. Many friends told me how wonderful this gift was. Some get it when they are 40 years old, some even earlier. Most people have gotten it when they are around 50, if they get it at all. Not all people are lucky enough to get this precious gift. I am 61 this year, but I still hopefully kept waiting.

Some people even receive this gift more than once. Some even up to ten and more times. I would be so happy if I got only one ot those gifts, but as the years passed by, I dared not hope too much, in order to not get disappointed.

When turning 60, I kind of prepared myself for the gift to not come to me, though my friends kept saying I eventually would get it too. Just wait, they said, it's worth waiting for. And I continued waiting, still with a little hope in my heart.

This August I got my gift! It was as nice as everyone told me.






I used to play a game. The name is not important, though.

What you did though, is you typed. And you had little avatars you could dress up very cheaply, even though it was pixlated. I used to roleplay all the time. Not like


Like: *Character's name pokes other characters name with her finger directly into his shoulder lightly.*

As if I was writing a book, sort of.

Anyway, I had someone I roleplayed with. I don't talk to them much anymore because of issues in their life. I don't even remember their name much anymore.

Anyway, when they went AFK it was for HOURS. I used to sit at my laptop and wait, and do hardly anything else. It was for HOURS on end. I remember waiting from 1 PM to 9 PM for him to come back. In the game I would have to push or pull his avatar so he did not vanish every few minutes. Thats me pretty much wasting my life on some little thing that I loved to do.

I was 6 and it was around Christmas time. In the newspaper there was a colouring contest, you had to colour in a picture of an elf. Excitedly I colour it and sent it in. Then I waited and checked the newspaper, and waited, and waited. Eventually I forgot about it. One day when I was ten I was skimming through the newspaper and what do I see? I see the elf drawings! Those things were sitting in who knows where for four years! And I didn't even win.

TL;DR I waited for my drawing in the newspaper for 4 years.

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