What's the most embarrassing thing a teacher has said to you infront of a full class?

when I was at the age of 12, my dad took me to Barber shop to get my hair cut, that day after that was the national day of the UAE, so the mother fu*king barber employee thought it was nice to write UAE in the back of my head!

my dad didn't notice that I don't know why! I have politely told the barber do not write anything in the back of my head I do not want that! Because I know that they're going to make fun of me at the school, but he did write UAE! I didn't notice that idk why the hell I didn't notice that! So the next day in school in the class everyone told the teacher that I have UAE written in the back of my head!

so the teacher said to me "looks like you have something in the back of your" he kept laughing so did the students, then he said "looks like you love your country a lot Saif don't you!", if I had the power back then I would've made him choke at that moment or if i had a gun I would've KILLED HIM!

A couple of things, but one stands out. My 5th grade teacher was handing back math test papers and when it came to mine she held it up and said, "Robert McGrory? Come up and get your garbage."

I guess she thought shaming me would motivate me. Well...flash forward to high school, I spent two summers in a Math class.

Why is Apple successful in China?

User friendly with improved user experiences. Launched with performance in the mature stage of the products.Owning an apple product is a status symbol.The personalization of apple products.Products and services are a magnet for young people, Apple comes up with breakthrough innovations.People tend to blindly follow Apple.Hardware and software ecosystem. In contrast, Android community is wildly obsessed

Why isn't Apple worth more?

Assuming that by "worth" you are referring to the stock price/market value of Apple, the statement "It is or was one of the top brands in the world according to Steve Jobs!" might not be most relevant.The stock price

Is a data science bootcamp worth it without a degree?

Yes - according to Metis chief data scientist Debbie Berebichez, who says that you can learn on your own to prepare for bootcamp! Watch the video: