What's the most inexplicable experience you've ever had, whether supernatural, paranormal, bizarre coincidence, mysterious intuition, prophetic dream, or unexpected lab result?

I was a hard core non-believer of astrology and paranormal stuff. I would like to narrate 2 incidents here.

This happened in 2003.

I had a colleague who was also a friend and wanted to marry me. He was extremely caring, loving and a good friend. Everyone at work loved him. A few girls were jealous to an extent that they stopped talking to me because of this guy's interest in me. But I was not convinced that I wanted to marry him and was hugely criticized for that by my sister as well, apart from friends and colleagues. I thought it would be a good idea to see a counselor to get clarity of thoughts. The counselor was of the opinion that this guy meant no harm to me and that I was unnecessarily getting worked up. This was after me sharing the details with him. Since the counselling sessions were making me feel worse, I decided to terminate them. On the last day of the session, I told him that I feel he did not believe me enough so I would like to terminate the sessions. He gladly agreed as he was a thorough professional. But since he thought my fears and anxiety was totally baseless, he asked me if I wanted to consult an astrologer. He knew I was a non believer but since he really wanted to help me with my fears and he thought that's one last resort, suggested me to see an astrologer. I agreed but reminded him that I am a non-believer and will do it only for his satisfaction. He knew someone whom he believed to be a good astrologer. Here I would like to clarify that the counselor did not know of my intentions of terminating the contract/sessions that very day. I was and am still sure that the astrologer had no clue about my issue or us visiting him for a reading that day as the entire conversation happened right in front of me. Well the astrologer was free for an hour which he was willing to spare for my reading.

I had very little expectation from this reading session. So we went there and the astrologer collected the data to prepare the chart. The predictions that he gave changed me forever. He mentioned the following during the predictions:

  1. Initial 10 years of my childhood were extremely difficult due to trauma caused by my mother. I also frequently fell ill.
  2. From the age 12 to 16 were the best years of my life as during the period I was neither governed by my parents nor my relatives (I was in a government school totally taken care by the authority without any interference from my parents)
  3. I lost something very precious at the age of 19. That I was traumatized because of that incident as well. (I lost my virginity to a friend who raped me when I was 19, no need to explain further).
  4. I met this current colleague/friend in the month of August and by October things grew very intense and now I have to decide whether to terminate the friendship or to take it to next level. Neither I nor the counselor had mentioned anything about this guy to the astrologer. He explained my dilemma exactly the way I was going through it.
  5. Astrologer said if I married this guy, my life will be a hell forever and I might even commit suicide. Going away and saving myself was the best option.

The last prediction confirmed that my fears and anxiety were real and I was not over-reacting.

Also the Astrologer revealed something which I thought was my imagination. He said I had the gift of knowing people (inside out). It would take me a fraction of a second to know the person and his intentions. Which is 100% true.

So, that incident made me believe that astrology is real and some astrologers are genuine.

The same astrologer predicted my father's cancer in later years.

2nd incident took place when I joined this company in Bangalore in 2008.

I would not want to reveal the name of the company as its one of the top 10 MNCs. Since there was a huge backlog of work I often had to spend long hours beyond work hours and most of the days I was the last person to leave. There was this filing area at the far end of the floor which I felt was a little creepy. Each time I reached the place to put the files in the cabinet the windows would start shaking when there was absolutely no scope for any wind to pass. I brushed it off thinking it was my imagination that it happened only when I went to the area. But what I experienced in the ladies' room was totally creepy.

First time when I was in the washroom I heard someone washing clothes (with hands). I thought one of the girls must have had an accident and is cleaning the stain. I did not think much of it. 2nd time it happened again when I heard the same sound again, of someone washing clothes. This time I thought it must be one of the house keeping who has made it a regular practice to wash something or other in the washroom. Third time I head the sound, I realized it was not normal.

  1. As soon as I came out of the washroom I checked the washroom from where the sound came, for traces of water and soap. The door was ajar and there was no trace of any water; it was completely dry.
  2. I had not heard anyone open the door of the washroom or the main door to the ladies' room. No one came in or left while I was there. The door made pretty loud noise each time its opened. So there was no way I could have missed the sound.

I felt it was weird that the sounds came even when there was no one but just me in the ladies'. So decided to discuss it with my colleague who was working in that company for a long time. She was not surprised to hear my story. She confirmed to me that there was another company A operating out of the same building and same floor which was now occupied by us. The employees of company A also constantly complained of hearing someone washing clothes in that very ladies' room. No one was ever seen or caught washing though. On investigating they got to know that a couple of decades ago there used to be a garment factory in the same place where this building stood now and an employee of that garment company hung himself. He was/is still sometimes seen in the other side of the floor (which was separated by meeting/discussion/conference rooms).

Soon my company shifted to another location for different reasons but even today I wonder why the washing continued in that building though no one could see it.

My husband of 9 years just told me hes questioning giving up our marriage and kids for a woman at his job what should I do?


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