What's the most insane life hack you have used ever?

Thanks for A2A Vikas Jha

Investment !!

Yes, you heard it right.

  1. Without any active involvement, my money grew 21.37% in 2016–17.
  2. And now the grown up money earns 9% per annum
  3. That my money compounds everyday, every minute, every second.
  4. All my return on investment is Tax - free.
  5. I don't ‘need' to have much knowledge about the share market and how it works.

I started investing when i first turned 20. I commenced 4 SIPs of Rs.2500 per month, totalling Rs. 10000 per month based on Indexed funds.

Without any much hassles, my account automatically gets debited. I started this investments when the Sensex was hovering at around 26000 points.

And just a month ago when the Sensex touched 32000 points, my investments rose by 21.37% automatically. I redeemed my equity based mutual fund investments and switched to debt based mutual fund investments earning 9% per annum tax free return and booked my profits.

I continue to invest in mutual fund based on market condition and it has helped me tremendously.

Additionally, such massive tax free return has motivated me to invest more and increase my investments to Rs. 20000 per month.

Conclusion - The biggest life hack one can ever teach you is ‘how to grow your money'. This is my secret of growing my money. And looking at the present scenario, i would approximately accumulate a sum of Rs. 1.2 crores by the end of 2025. That too without any additional load on my current lifestyle.

Hope this is the best life hack you would've ever heard of.

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Yeah I am an addicted gamer but was falling short of some bucks to buy a new game CD.

So this is what I did.

I ordered a CD of Counter Strike Global Offence from Amazon and paid it as credit.

When the CD arrived, I opened it carefully and installed the game using the provided CD key.

I also gave it to my friends and let them install it on their computer too.

Finally when all drama was done I repacked the CD and returned it back to Amazon.


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