What's the most joyful funeral you've ever been to?

My Grandfather's! I was around eight years old that time. It was fun and most memorable one. My grandad had eight kids( all Son) and also had 7 siblings and 8 half brothers. ( just one Sister from his Mother, his step Mother had all sons). His Father had two wives and they were sisters, so no family quarrels. My grandfather was well liked by his folks.

On his 16th day, I remember well, we had some 40–45 grandkids from his sons and his nephews performing the ceremonies. Niece's kids don't count as part of bloodline. Cooking was shared among the relatives who were living near my grandparents place and also the daughters in law scheduled the catering of foods. It was one time, my granny saw all her Daughter in laws working without any fight. We had relatives from far away places.

More than fact he died, it became an occasion for everybody to assemble. In India, we will miss marriages and auspicious events, but death, even if you are sworn enemies you must go. So the 16 day's of ceremonies were filled with lots of Cousin, who I dont get to see normally.

My grandad died when he was around 75–80 years. His death was celebrated. I don't think most of grandkids didn't had the clue. But I did missed him a lot, because I was staying with them for longer period than others.

It had been 22 years since, but it was the most memorable one! Others are filled with so much sad memories.

It wasn't a funeral but a memorial. An elderly man in my grandmother's mobile home park died and his girlfriend threw a memorial for him (yes, threw. It was a happy event). I recall meeting him a few times. It was a celebration of life before those were really a thing. I remember thinking that this felt wrong because people are supposed to be sad and everyone was happy. My mom was outraged for some reason, and they served Bugles. BUGLES!! I never got to have Bugles and now I could be a witch with pointy fingers!! Maybe that's why my mom wouldn't let me have them.

How's the best way to induce a three way relationship?

Well, just from a logical standpoint, you have to make sure:all three like each otherall three are open minded about sexall three are bi-sexual, or all three are homosexualall three have no issues with jealousyIf all these prerequisites have been met, you have no problem with a three way relationship. Perhaps time management and housing

How does one become eligible to travel free?

Sadly not possible. You could volunteer or work your way around the world.If your willing to commit to 1 or 2 year teaching contract in china they will fly you there. http://daveseslcafe.comGenerally you need some money to start

Have you ever avoided a kidnapping?

I'm pretty sure I did....I've told this before on another thread. I always carry a firearm. A little .380 I keep in my purse. I was robbed and had a gun stuck in my mouth; after that, I don't leave the house without