What's the most romantic trip you've ever taken?

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The most romantic by some way was an RV trip around the Yukon in Canada. My husband and I had seen pictures in a travel supplement in 2009 and looked at each other wide-eyed. We knew we wanted to see everything it had to offer, but that it was a long way from London and was going to be expensive.

That trip was five years in the planning - we eventually made it over in early summer 2014. We picked up our RV in Whitehorse, drove up the Klondike Highway, did the Dempster to the Tombstones, back down to Dawson, into Alaska to Tok, then down the Alaska Highway to Kluane, back into Alaska to visit Haines then the ferry to Skagway before driving back up to Whitehorse.

The beast:

Ahh, Paris...

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Can't disclose too much or with whom - a trip to an island, grass hut, aqua blue waters, hot weather. Private island, and styled like a movie set. Spa in the room, twin head shower for fun after sun, old wooden boat pulled up to the beach each night and off loaded seafood fare you would not believe. Fire dancers at night, beach lit with fairy lights and soft island music. Island was off Thailand. I went for a holiday in 1999 and I never left.

Which U.S. state has the rudest people?

I don't know if there's a city that's rudest, but I do know that to a non-native, many cities in the Northeast/Mid Atlantic might appear rude (like New York City, Boston, etc.). It's because people from these places tend talk a lot faster, walk a lot faster

How to get back to work mode after a great vacation

Dave, your last point is well taken. Breaks can make it so much easier to get back to work. I would extend this to making sure when you go back to work, you tackle tasks in small concentrated chunks with breaks in between. Set

Have you ever encountered a ghost on an old battlefield?

Yes, an entire battlefield full. Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield. I stepped off the bus in the 1970s right into the middle of the battle. It was horrifying.