What's the rudest private message you've ever gotten?

Ohhhhh does online dating count?!

I assume you to mean impolite as opposed to sexually vulgar? I've had a few of each! Man, more than a few doozies! But I'll just share the one I received 10 minutes ago... not the rudest but a WTF...

On this dating site, you put forward the requirements you have in your date; age, status, employment, height, weight, eye colour even, etc. I'm flexible on looks, you fancy someone or you don't. Age is the same, career to a certain degree too, I don't think they matter as much if you have the same fundamentals & morals. So obviously I think my requirements are flexible & a pretty normal ‘wants' list for a women in her 40's - employed, not living at home with parents, single (obvious you'd think but alas, no!) , I don't mind children they shouldn't either, I'm flexible over smoking & drinking, no shag-nasty one night stand cruisers, and preferably happy with their lives & themselves.

I think that's really the minimum. I'm independent and I work hard to be, I don't want to financially support someone else right now, I'm looking to date not screw around, and I really can't handle needy people, it's suffocates me, emotional dependence should be between parent & child to me, I'm no-ones other half I'm whole as I am, thank you, and anyone who NEEDS to find their mate before they can be happy leaves me personally a little cold. The last requirements I make a point of stating - no men with a MOMMY fetish! (Seriously, I had to add that following a few bizarre messages, anyhoo.. ) my profile, my ‘wants', my preferences & my choice which I have every right to, right?

Apparently not so! A guy messages me to say my profile reads really badly and I should really rethink it as I'm asking way too much & that he can't tick all my boxes nor can I tick all his...

Huh? Well thanks for that Shakespeare! I don't seem to be doing too badly actually, and on re-reading my profile again I can't help but wonder what he's talking about, am I being unreasonable? I re-read it again. Nope, seems ok to me, reasonable, concise, clear, bit of humour too... what's he on about? I definitely haven't contacted him, I don't know him. I know I know, I should have just ignored it but I've had a crappy morning & I'm feeling a little fragile...

So I message back - "Really? So please enlighten me, what is it I'm looking for that makes me appear to be asking too much and which boxes can't you tick?"

A few minutes later he replied that I've "put him on the spot"! Erm, ok... that makes sense... not!

I replied telling him maybe he should rethink his opening contact lines. I didn't expect to hear anything else but no! Straight away another message back telling me I'd never get a date with my prissy princess diva requirements, he was only trying to ensure I didn't feel rejected by society & received at least one contact, he was just trying to guide me & show me the error of my ways, I was ungrateful for not letting him help me & actually I was obviously too much of a control freak for his tastes... but if I relaxed a little and just listen to him, he may eventually want to buy me a coffee somewhere...if he wasn't too busy by then!

Seriously, W T actual F?! Is this guy for real???! Sadly yes!

I messaged back that obviously I'd be eternally grateful to him for his keen insight & superior knowledge on me & my diva-Esque lifestyle should I ever find myself alone & sobbing into my ice-cream... I was clearly too high maintenance for a man such as his calibre, (!) but in the meantime reminded him it was HE who'd contacted ME, I have every right to my opinions & preferences, which still IMHO should be at least minimum requirements for dating in your 40's, and although he felt the need to advise me, his advice was neither requested or appreciated. Oh and if he feels what I'm asking is too much, he has every right not to bother me & review his own standards of what he looks for in a women but right now I have a good choice of suitors who don't seem to think I'm asking too much, and I'm not the one reaching out with ‘pity' messages!

Yeah, THEN I blocked his ass! Why do people feel the need to do that? Is it some sort of intimidation tactic? I didn't know him, wouldn't have contacted him anyway, so why message me to say that?

What a dick! Don't piss me off when I'm having a bad day!

Thanks for reading & much love


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