What's the rudest thing you've experienced when visiting the U.S. for the first time?

It happened in a Subway in Doral, Florida.

I was standing in a queue waiting for my turn. When I reached the counter, the lady said, "I cannot understand you people's language so I cannot take your order." Then she left the counter. I did not even say anything till then, she had already decided that I could not speak English.

Her colleague came to counter and he took my order. So all good.

What if Britain invaded Argentina?

Lots of ships at the bottom of the sea and lots of soldiers captured/dead.Remember, during the war in 1982, the Argentine planes were operating at the edge of their range. Any attempt to invade Argentina would have meant moving the ships (including the carriers) far closer to Argentina, making the Royal Navy a far easier target.The UK managed

What is your worst experience when visiting indonesia?

I can't think of anything that is particularly terrible. I've been stuck in monster traffic jams, delayed at airports and ripped off by dodgy immigration officials and policemen, but nothing really awful or worse than what everyone else goes through. Traffic jams, petty corruption and

Why do some restaurants play the music so loud that it's difficult to have a conversation?

A lot of restaurants don't necessarily mean to do this, but it happens as a result of their decor.It makes sense for a restaurant to have furniture and decor that can be easily cleaned. If you serve a lot of meals every day, eventually the