What's the smartest thing your snake has ever done?

First of all I don't think any snake is smart. They are a mass of instinctual reflexes.

However, that does not mean they can not learn. For the first 6 mo that I had my corn snake he would hide under a log in his cage whenever I came into the room. After a while he got used to me and now sits on top of the log and looks at me when I come in.

When I started feeding him I would tap on the glass. Now when I come in the room if I tap on the glass he zooms over to my side and starts climbing the wall. Thats when I hand him a mouse. If I hold it by the tail he will take it out of my hand without biting me. Hasn't missed yet. If I do not tap he just watches me from his log.

So smart? No. But can they learn? Absolutely.

What problems does New Jersey face?

I grew up in New Jersey and left the state more than half a lifetime ago.Their problems at that time (up to the beginning of the 80s) were thusly;(1) Government run by organized crime syndicates. No, this never got into their news. Yes, it's true. Yes, I know this directly for a fact, thanks to relatives working

Why is Israel considered to be a European country while it is geographically situated in Africa-Asia?

After the creation of Israel* Israel participated in the Olympic and other sports organizations in their Asian divisions. However, the Muslim/Arab/Communist block had majorities in these organizations and Israel was kicked out of them. Thus this cultural-geographical anomaly.From Wikipedia: Between 1954 and

Is it possible to conquer the whole world or most of the world and create an empire?

Hmm... People have done so, to some extent. BUT it almost always starts with an entire nation backing the goal of the person to do so. And then getting the support of the other nations brought into the empire somehow. Which is the point