What's the worst thing about your father?

He beats us if we share what we think

He beats our mother for slight issues

He beats the animals for no reason

He doesn't work

He doesn't contribute

He threw the dog after it bit him, after he kicked it into the ground, this dog would suffer for the rest of her short life after this

He has threatened to beat on occasions

He is the cause for my anger problems

He sees himself as perfect, while neglecting his own anger.

So yeah...fun.

I've been working out my abs for about 5 months now, I feel my muscles underneath a layer of fat in my stomach, how do I get rid of it,what exercises should I do? How long will it take?

You need to diet and eat less calories for those muscles to show up . So what you need to do is add some aerobic excercise to your life . Do a little every day instead of the average three times a week . And eat less calories . You don't have to cut out a good diet .

How to get rid of joint pain without those expensive therapies

Losing the capability to maneuver freely is one of the worst things that can happen to somebody. 1 way to do it's by imprisoning someone, but a much crueler method is to gradually take away the motion in their joints, and replace it with pain.As soon as you pass a certain era, physicians do not try

Is doing 10 push ups and 10 crunches every morning going to make a difference? If not, how many should I do?

They say that little changes in life can prompt enduring outcomes. Could the same be valid for development? I was interested what might happen in the event that I focused on adding only some additional to my standard wellness schedule. Along these lines, I chose to do 10 pushups consistently for a month to test it out. This