What's the worst thing you've heard a rich person say to a poor person?

What are the odds of that, but I have never heard any rich person say a bad or derogatory thing to a poor person throughout my life (28 years). I have only seen such stuff on the TV and the internet.

This world of ours is still pretty much liveable!

This happens a lot in my Country.

Poor person: "Please sir, what is the key to making money. I'm tired of being poor, what's your secret.

Rich Person: "It's God's work. I pray intensely daily, pay my tithe, Bla bla"

Yeah right.

Are we ever going to stop using money?

As long as people want to exchange goods and services with eachother, and some resources, goods or services are in any way scarce, we need a practical means of measuring value.Money is the best means we've deviced so far. It maps a near infinity of factors into a one-dimensional

What country should I visit?

You are in the fantastic position of choosing from 195 recognized countries in the world. Given that 17 of those are probably a bit of a challenge at the moment and possibly not totally safe - you still have 178 to choose from. Have a think about what you would

Why is Tesla still making that much loss?

If you take a look on the Tesla timeline and on the real dates which have been achieved, you see that Tesla often was late by one year or more. Right now Tesla makes probably one quarter of the Model 3