Whats the worst wedding present that you ever got?

A book about having babies and a full box of baby goods when we are not ready to have baby yet...

Probably, the worst wedding gift I ever got, were intimate pictures of my wife and the best man at the reception, revealing a tattoo on her butt of his name. The second worst: Seeing bets (a pool) during the party of how many days all of my friends and relatives expected it [the marriage] to last. The third worst: A legal paper in a "gift envelope", informing us of her very wealthy father's choice to disown and disinherit her. Along with an eviction notice to vacate the home he was to deed to us. As well as...a check... for a dollar... inside. [So much for ‘thick' envelopes and thick expectations]

I never look at any gift as a bad gift!

I always look at the gift as something that person took his time, even if that was only a minute, to remember you and make an effort to buy, prepared to take to you!

So all the gifts are great for me! Everything have value especially people time and money!

The wedding gift was actually for a someone i know, not me.

She received a candle-holder wedding gift from her fiancee's jilted girlfriend.

The note inside the package read "John (not his real name) likes to ____ (fill in the blank yourself please) by candlelight".

It seemed a little tacky to me at the time. But a year or so later, they divorced, and the groom promptly married the former girlfriend who originally sent the gift.

No word on if the candle-holder was ever re-gifted back to the original sender or not.

Yes ,

I have received stopped/dead watch as present in my marriage. the more to it, no one has mentioned name on the wrapper, there was some book entry(guy who was collecting gift be-half of me has made book entry) suggesting "Gift Package". so i cant truly know who has given me.

still a good person inside me went to watch repair center. repairman said the watch cant be repaired as it was dead because of some short-circuit.

Beat this bad Gift <wink smiley>


Unfortunately this question was sent to me but I don't have a "good" answer.

All of my wedding gifts were cash for the most part. My aunt gave me a lovely pair of candlesticks and wine glasses. They were such a beautiful color red. I love them.

So I was lucky. I didn't get a bad gift.

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